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Sensory Processing is the brain's ability to organize and process sensory information within a person's envirionment.  If the brain is unable to interpret the information correctly, it is impossible to react appropriately. If the brain cannot correctly process visiual, auditory, touch, body awareness from the muscles and balance information from the environment, the individual will have difficulty with all forms of learning.

An occupational therapist who uses Sensory Processing Strategies  as a treatment modality will assist the individual in allowing the brain pathways  to relay correct information so learning and movement become easier.

Mueller Sensory Works (MSW) Occupational Therapy Services strives to use all different types of  modalities to assist our clients in obtaining  their most optimal state of being, as well as aiding in obtaining the individual's maximum potential. 

MSW provides services to all ages from infant to geriatric.  Services include assessment in sensory processing, gross- and fine-motor control, perceptual motor, independent living skills, cognitive function, adaptive equipment procurement,  along with customized treatment planning and training to client/patient, family  and caregivers. MSW provides individualized treatment as defined by needs and under a doctor's order.

Our staff includes 2 board-certified, MN licensed, nationally registered Occupational Therapists, and 2 Occupational Therapy Assistants and an Office Manager.